Sunday, September 15, 2013


That time of year is coming up, and for those of us in the Reece's Rainbow community it means it's almost time for Angel Tree. This is when we commit to raising $1000 for a certain child between November 1 and December 31. The child I chose this year was Igor.

Igor is almost twelve, and he's in Eastern Europe. He has a sad story and was found in a TRASH BAG AT THE AGE OF FIVE. Can you even imagine what that must have been like for him? Igor's special need is listed as a mental delay, but that could be mostly due to being in institutions for most of his life. Honestly, his being found in a trash bag at the age of five points to the very high likelihood that he didn't receive very good care before entering an orphanage. He really needs a family, love, education, and a chance.

The director of Igor's orphanage loves this boy and wants him to find a family so badly. She doesn't think he should be where he is and expects him to blossom in a family.

Now, any donations before November 1 don't count toward the $1000 goal, but if you feel the need to donate now I'm not about to stop you. Also, look at this boy and wonder if he could be your future son. His country requires a married couple but has very few other restrictions. Travel is required, but his area is known to be very friendly toward adoptions.

Click here for Igor's profile.

Last year my hair bow sales didn't go so well. However, this year I'm going to really try to step that up. I'm also trying to come up with other fund raising ideas.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Blitz For Brett

OK, everyone. Here is a boy that is very near and dear to my heart. His name is Brett, he's eleven, he has Down Syndrome, he's an orphan, and he's a fighter. Brett  Brett was abandoned in an open field at birth, where he remained for about six hours. SIX HOURS all alone as a newborn in a field. That shows you just how much of a fighter he is. Oh, here's his picture.

He has alopecia areata (hair loss) which is not uncommon in children with Down Syndrome. Sometimes it's temporary, and sometimes it's permanent. Look at his eyes, though. I think his eyes are so full of soul. He hasn't given up on life yet, and that's a very good thing. Brett can walk. He cannot talk, but he can communicate with gestures. The honest truth is that he probably got very minimal care for most of his life in the institution. I firmly believe he'll be able to learn to talk after coming home. This boy is just such a fighter and doing pretty well despite his circumstances.

Brett is in a country that is known to be very easy to adopt from. Married and singles are allowed to adopt. You have to be fifteen years older than he is. The process is usually about a year, and the travel is easy. The travel is one week in country getting to know him. You then go home and come back a few months later for another week. That second trip is when you would bring him home. Also, you can adopt multiple unrelated children at the same time from this country for very minimal extra cost.

Someone, please save Brett. If you can't adopt him, please consider donating to his grant. A larger grant helps others to see him. Brett is a fighter and will make an excellent son.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kiddos Who Need Medical Treatment Part 1

I've decided to advocate for some kids who desperately need medical treatment that they won't get in their home countries. These children REALLY need families to bring them home and get the care they need. This first post is for those kids who need heart surgery.

Kristopher (almost 6) is a little boy in Eastern Europe who has HIV, cognitive delays, vision problems, and a heart condition. Click here for his profile. He's such a precious little boy.
Next up is Justin, almost 2. He's also in Eastern Europe and has Down Syndrome and a heart condition. Also, look at the size of his grant. There is over $8000 available to help with the cost of his adoption. Click here for his profile.
Then we have little Liam, age 2. Liam is in Asia and has some delays along with his heart condition. Many of his delays could be due to his uncorrected heart condition, though. Click here for his profile.

For some more cuteness we have Barrett. Barrett is about one and a half and in Eastern Europe. He does have some other medical needs in addition to his heart condition, but he would truly be a blessing to any family. Click here for his profile.
Finally, we have Tessa, age about two and a half. Tessa is in Asia and has Down Syndrome, Cleft Lip/Palate, and a heart condition. The heart condition is not listed on her RR profile, but it is in her actual file. She has had one surgery for her cleft lip, which she had just prior to this picture being taken. Click here for her profile.
If you are looking to adopt, please consider one of these children. They all so desperately need medical attention, and no child should have to suffer due to not being able to receive it. If you can't adopt and feel so called, please consider donating to their grants in order to help the people who do feel called to adopt them.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Today's spotlight is on Darina. Click here to see Darina's profile. Darina is five and has Cerebral Palsy. Her older pictures show just how much potential little Darina has. Please save her from the mental institution, as she is likely bedridden there.

 The one above is the more recent picture, and the one below is the older picture. She has so much potential.
Darina has likely NEVER received therapy for her CP. It is possible that with therapy here in the U.S. or Canada she can learn to walk.

Monday, December 10, 2012


We're currently working on saving money for our home study and commitment fees. Don't forget about our giveaway and our puzzle fundraiser. Giveaway and Puzzles

In the meantime, it's time to spotlight another orphan. It's Chase. Click here for his profile. Chase is five and does have a mental delay. He's a beautiful boy and needs a family so much. Here are his pictures.

He's in a beautiful region of the country, but he doesn't get to enjoy any of that beauty. Is he your son? If not, you can donate to his grant or pray for him. Thanks.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mac n' Sweet Peas...: Giveaway Update!

Enter this giveaway to help bring a very precious little boy home.

Mac n' Sweet Peas...: Giveaway Update!: Huge news, friends! HUGE! The prizes for our giveaway have been donated to us! We do not have to pay anything out of pocket for these items!...