Sunday, September 15, 2013


That time of year is coming up, and for those of us in the Reece's Rainbow community it means it's almost time for Angel Tree. This is when we commit to raising $1000 for a certain child between November 1 and December 31. The child I chose this year was Igor.

Igor is almost twelve, and he's in Eastern Europe. He has a sad story and was found in a TRASH BAG AT THE AGE OF FIVE. Can you even imagine what that must have been like for him? Igor's special need is listed as a mental delay, but that could be mostly due to being in institutions for most of his life. Honestly, his being found in a trash bag at the age of five points to the very high likelihood that he didn't receive very good care before entering an orphanage. He really needs a family, love, education, and a chance.

The director of Igor's orphanage loves this boy and wants him to find a family so badly. She doesn't think he should be where he is and expects him to blossom in a family.

Now, any donations before November 1 don't count toward the $1000 goal, but if you feel the need to donate now I'm not about to stop you. Also, look at this boy and wonder if he could be your future son. His country requires a married couple but has very few other restrictions. Travel is required, but his area is known to be very friendly toward adoptions.

Click here for Igor's profile.

Last year my hair bow sales didn't go so well. However, this year I'm going to really try to step that up. I'm also trying to come up with other fund raising ideas.

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